Mankind is evacuating into space! How convenient to first destroy the planet and then just run away without looking back.

ESCAPE is a 2.5D puzzle platformer about wildlife that we leave behind. It's a submission to js13kGames 2021; the theme of the jam was Space. The original game was 13 KB zipped; the release is a post-jam version that's about 18 KB.


  • Desktop: ARROWS to move, SPACE to grab objects.
  • Mobile: HOLD to move, DOUBLE-TAP to grab objects.


  • 3 maps with environmental puzzles of increasing difficulty.
  • Skeletal animations of all animals, and a procedurally animated tail of the fox.
  • Dynamic environment: real-time shadows, procedural sound track, rigid body physics.
  • Dynamically adjusted quality settings for low-spec devices.

Known Issues

  • Apple devices: the game requires iOS 15 or iPadOS 15, and Safari 15 on macOS.
  • Pulling is more efficient than pushing :)


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There is nowhere to run. Rocketry could hardly get a few people onto the moon 50 years ago and the technology did not improve substantially since then. It had reached a plateau. Physics does not allow us to leave this Pale Blue Dot.