The human is asleep. The human set the alarm — but the human doesn’t like being woken up. The human will try to hit the snooze button. YOU are the snooze button. The human will try to hit YOU!

The human will try to delay the inevitable. Your job is to deliver the inevitable: to wake the human up.

How To Play

You play as an alarm clock. It keeps moving forward at all times. Zoom around the apartment and collect musical notes which wake the human up. Avoid the human’s hands which try to press the snooze button — a single press will end the round. For some reason the hands are inexplicably big and even-more-inexplicably not attached to a body, and yet-even-more-inexplicably they fall out of the sky, but don’t worry too much about it.

Platforms & Controls

You Are The Snooze Button is a WebGL game written in JavaScript. It’s playable in all modern browsers, both on desktop and mobile.

  • Desktop: Arrows to turn left, right, and jump (up). Use the down arrow to tilt the camera a bit.
  • Mobile: Tap and hold to turn left and right. Tap and release to jump.


This game is a Ludum Dare 50 Compo game. The theme was Delay the inevitable. The build on Itch is a slightly tweaked version from Sunday, April 10. You can play the original compo submission (with a few hotfixes) at

 I used my custom WebGL engine called Goodluck.


  •  Monday, April 4
    •  Fixed a JavaScript error in the console.
    • Tweaked hand spawning to be a bit more predictable (they spawn higher and have a smaller spread).
    • Adjusted the angle of the sun to make shadows more useful as hints about where the hands will drop.
    • Adjusted the size and position of the text overlay during gameplay to make it less distracting.
    • Deactivated player collisions in win/lose views, which resulted in small errors.
  • Tuesday, April 5
    • Fixed a bug where the human's sleepiness wasn't being reset correctly during multiple playthroughs.
    • Fixed an accidentally negative Z scale of the wardrobe which resulted in weird shadows.
  • Sunday, April 10
    • Fixed a bug where sometimes, hands and notes would spawn attached to the player.
    • Tweaked the physics of jumping to jump a bit lower but also forward, which helps avoid falling hands.
    • Added a screenshake when hands hit something.
    • Added left hands, too.
    • You can now press the Enter key to start and to restart the game.
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